Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 12: Introduction to Medieval Japan (2/24/11)

Aim: The historians of 2016 will research and create a presentation on the Japanese Constitution written by Prince Shotoku.

Step 1: Submit your homework

Step 2: Answer the Quick Question in with Google Moderator
If you were there… “You live in a small farming village on one of the islands of Japan. You’re very happy with your life. The sea is nearby and food is plentiful. You have a large, extended family to protect and take care of you. Your grandmother says that life in your village has not changed for hundreds of years, and that is good. But now you have heard that some people from across the sea are coming to your village. They are bringing new ideas and ways of doing things. Explain how you would feel about these possible changes."
Step 3: Open the presentation on the Japan and track Mr. Sanders as he introduces you to the new information. If you need to hear me go through the presentation again, you can click here.

Step 4: Complete the activity at the end of the presentation and post it to your portfolio.

Homework: Design a Imperial Japan coversheet for your portfolio. YOU WILL DO THIS ON PAPER (not on the computer) The coversheet must include a map, words, and information from the upcoming unit. Use the back of paper for inspiration on what to include.

Emergency Google Presentation Help Video

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