Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 9: FSA 7 Show What You Know (2/18/11)

Step one: Submit your homework here.

Step two Do Now: Create a FSA review question where the answer is compass, civil service exams, meritocracy, or aristocracy. Google will make sure you're not submitted a question someone has already submitted. Be original! Afterwards, vote on the questions!

Step three: Go to the study guide and make sure you are ready for the FSA.

Special Alert! If you want to sign up for the African American Jeopardy! Challenge you must e-mail Ms. Hernandez today. Her e-mail address is If you want to test your knowledge, there is a little 10-question quiz here.

Homework: New current event for Tuesday. Make sure it is a quality write-up, you'll be submitting it, in class on Tuesday.

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