Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 31: Rise of the Incas (3/29/11)

Aim: The historians of 2016 will be able to describe when and where the Inca empire existed and create a comic strip accurately depicting how the empire began.

Task 1: Submit your homework here. If you completed your homework online, you do not have to submit your homework a second time.

Task 2 Quick Question: Hernando Cortez destroyed the Aztec empire, in part because he cut off the water supply to the city. Last night you looked at the Inca capital of Machu Picchu, do you think that the conquistadors (Spanish) were able to defeat the Inca's as easily as they conquered the Aztecs?

Task 3: Track the presentation on the introduction to the Inca Empire. Make sure you write down three or more key steps that led to the creation of the Inca empire and its rise to power. You can take these notes in Google Notes, Scratchpad, or on paper.

Task 4: Open this great comic strip creator and make an account. You will need to go to your e-mail and verify your account. Once your account has been created, make a 3-5 scene comic strip describing the rise of the Inca empire. If you would like to create this storyboard in Google docs, you may.

Task 5: Post the comic strip to you history portfolio. If you can't figure out how to post it, share it with me so I can see it.

Homework: The students will read Chapter 26.3 and complete the corresponding workbook page.

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