Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 28: The Arrival of Cortez & City Redesign (3/23/11)

AIM: The historians of 2016 will apply their knowledge of the faults of Tenochtitlan’s city design to suggest changes to the city design of Los Angeles.

Task 1: Submit your homework. If you completed the homework on the computer last night, you do not need to submit it again.

Task 3: Track Mr. Sanders as he goes through the causes of the fall of the Aztec empire. Please have the presentation open on your computer.

Task 4: Create a new post in your history portfolio where in paragraph one you summarize why the Aztec empire fell and problems with the design of Tenochtitlan and in the second paragraph you write your opinion on the city design of Los Angeles and if there is something city designers could change in order to improve the city.

Homework: Read about family life and markets in Tenochtitlan and fill out complete the workbook page.

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