Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 41: Animating History (4/12/11)

Aim: The historians of 2016 will create a historical fiction illustrated story from the perspective of a person living in Mesoamerica during the middle ages.

Task 1: Have the lesson open as you go over the agenda for the day with Ms. Morales. Is she has any trouble with anything she'll send me a text and we can figure out a solution on Thursday.

Task 2: Submit your homework from last night. Everyone needs to submit it.

Task 3: Quick Question: Next week we start quarter four. Which activities from quarter three would you like to do again in quarter 4? Which activities would you like to not have happen again in quarter 4?

Task 4 Project: Today you are going to start an animated historical fiction essay from the perspective of someone living in mesoamerica. You can write pretending to be a person living in or near the Incas, Aztecs, or Mayans. You story can be written as a journal or a narrative. It needs to have three complete paragraphs.

When you finish your story you can begin to build you characters using Go animation. Make sure you log in using your Google account. You can start creating your characters for you story.

Task 5: Make sure all missing work is submitted and your portfolio is 100% up to date. Today is the last day that you'll be able to use the computers in class. All work needs to be completed before Wednesday night at 10:00PM. You can go back to this page to see the list of stuff that needs to be posted to your portfolio.

Task 6: If you finish early, the only things you can do it work on an extra credit project for Social Studies, watch the History with Sanders YouTube channel, or work on your history essay for ELA.

Homework: Tonight you need to finish writing your story and coming up with ideas for you animation. Your finished products will be due the Tuesday after break. I will be back on Thursday to help you with your animations.

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