Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 42: G.R.A.P.E.S of Mesoamerica (4/14/11)

Aim: The junior historians will complete a higher level analysis of the different Mesoamerican civilizations by mapping out their geography, religion, agriculture, politics, economy, and social structure (G.R.A.P.E.S).

Task 1: Place your homework on your desk and track Mr. Sanders as he shares about his trip to KIPP: Heartwood and Google.

Task 3: Review/Discussion of the Cortes video. Please start our discussion by answering this reflection question.

Task 4: GoAnimate Projects. How are they going? What support do you need from me?

Task 5: For task five today we are going to doing a G.R.A.P.E.S analysis of the different societies in Mesoamerica. Please make a copy of this Google Document and rename it. Once you've done that, Mr. Sanders will go through a couple examples of the G.R.A.P.E.S analysis.

Homework: New current even for tomorrow. You may submit your current event here.

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