Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 49: Choosing Your Renaissance Project (5/10/11)

Standard: 7.8.5: Detail advances made in literature, the arts, science, mathematics, cartography, engineering, and the understanding of human anatomy and astronomy.

Aim: The historians of 2016 will select a final project for their Renaissance topic and submit a proposal to Mr. Sanders.

Task 1: Submit your homework here. If you did your homework online, you do not need to submit it again.

Task 2 Quick Question: Answer these ANONYMOUS survey questions. If you have extra time, make sure your Renaissance Artist presentation and your Renaissance art gallery are posted to your portfolio. I went through and checked them this morning.

Task 3: Track Mr. Sanders as he goes over the end-of-year trip. If you would like to write the essay to try to earn one of the last spots you can view the requirements here. You need to turn in your essay to your homeroom teacher on Friday morning.

Task 4: E-mail your popplet link for your Renaissance topic to Mr. Sanders

Task 5: Take a look at these online tools that you could use for your Renaissance Europe culminating project (these are just a few ideas!):
  • Create a digital story with text, links, pictures and videos using Storify
  • Create an animated video using Xtranormal or GoAnimate
  • Make a cool presentation with Prezi or Ahead
  • Create a webquest (guiding students through different websites that will teach them about the topic).
  • Make and upload a video or screencast to YouTube
  • Create a non-fiction book using StoryJumper or Storybird
  • Make a digital cube with What Makes Me explaining your topic!
  • Create a Capzles project where you use pictures, text, video and music
  • Create a comic using Comicbrush or Stripgenerator
  • Create a digital timeline using Xtimeline
Homework: Submit your project proposal to Mr. Sanders. In order to get your project idea approved, I need to be able to see a clear vision.

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  1. To me, technology in the classroom means a higher level of student engagement. It also means that students gaining computer literacy!