Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 53: Renaissance Art and Sculpture (Part II) (5/18/11)

Standard 7.8.5: Detail advances made in literature, the arts, science, mathematics, cartography, engineering, and the understanding of human anatomy and astronomy.

  • The historians of 2016 will be able to describe what makes a painting and sculpture Renaissance.
  • The historians of 2016 will create a quiz that will assess their teammates knowledge of their Renaissance topic.

Task 3: Track Mr. Sanders as he goes over how to create your quiz using Google Forms. We will also be discussing what makes a good test question and brainstorming some ideas. If you need to see a video on how to create a post a quiz you can click here.

Task 4: Spend the rest of the class working on your project and the quiz that goes along with it. Today is one of the last days that you'll get to work on the project. Remember, for you project you are teaching your teammates about one part of the Renaissance (art, literature, science, engineering, etc.). Your grade is based on the three following criteria:
  • Effectively teaches your teammates about your Renaissance topic.
  • Created a rigorous five question quiz that measures your teammates learning.
  • Your project reflects a week's worth of time and effort.
  • Your project is done to the best of your ability and reflects hard work and creativity.

If you're looking for help or inspiration, take a look at the section in the textbook that relates to your topic.

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