Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 55: The Spread of Renaissance Ideas (5/23/11)

Standard: 7.8.4 Describe the growth and effects of new ways of disseminating information.

Aim: The historians of 2016 will explain how the Renaissance spread throughout Europe.

Task 1: Submit your homework. If you already completed the homework online, you do not have to submit it again.

Task 3: We will be reading this page on the Spread of the Renaissance through Europe and taking notes using this graphic organizer.

Task 4: Track Mr. Sanders as he goes through the expectations and the parts of the grading rubric that we will use for the presentations.

Task 5: Track the presenters while they are presenting their learnings. After someone finishes presenting, go to their website and take their quiz.

People Presenting Today

  1. Khallid
  2. Windell
  1. Alexis G
  2. Ryan
  1. Kelsie
  2. Jade
Homework: Read about Michelangelo, the Italian sculpture and painter and complete the corresponding workbook page.

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