Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 65: Spanish Conquest of the New World (6/9/11)

Standard: 7.11.1 Know the great voyages of discovery, the locations of the routs, and the influence of cartography in the development of a new European worldview.

  1. The historians of 2016 will evaluate whether or not the Spanish conquest of the Americas was ethical.
  2. The historians of 2016 will provide feedback to their teammates presentations on the European explorers of the 15th and 16th centuries.

Task 3: Participate in the discussion on whether or not the Spanish conquest of the Americas was ethical. If you believe it was not ethical, was it a necessary evil? AFTER our discussion, you may take the survey.

Task 4: Post the following three items to your history portfolio:
  1. Your map of the European voyages of discovery.
  2. The double-bubble map comparing exploration of modern day to that of the 15th and 16th centuries.
  3. Your Prezi or PowerPoint Presentation on your European explorer or adventurer.
Task 5: Visit four of your teammates blogs and leave a comment on their presentation. Your comment should be written in complete sentences and contain specific praise or feedback. Here is an example:
"I really like your presentation on Christopher Columbus. I thought that having a slide going over the reasons why people think Christopher Columbus is a bad guy was really interesting. All the maps and dates in your presentation made it easy for me to understand when and where his voyages of discovery were taking place. In the future, I would suggest having more pictures or paintings showing what the voyage and arrival at the main land was like. Good job!"

Homework: Read about the European Exploration of North America and complete the workbook page. This assignment can only be completed on paper since you will be creating maps and annotating them.

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