Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 70: Finishing the first half of the project (6/17/11)

Standard: 7.9.2: Describe the theological, political, and economic ideas of the major figures during the Reformation.

AIM: The historians of 2016 will complete their video playlist and begin working on their video critique.

Task 1: Submit your homework. If you already completed your homework online, you do not have to submit it again.

Task 2 Quick Question: How would you like your teacher to use computers in Social Studies next year? Be specific.

Task 3: Video Brainstorm. Today we will start brainstorming ideas for your video project the type of video you might want to make. Here are a few examples of student created videos: Ancient Mayans, Feudal Europe.

Task 4: Continue working on your project. When you finish creating your playlist you should choose one video and examine it more closely. On Monday we will do our review of a video and start creating our own.

Homework: New current event for Monday. Please choose a story that is interesting to you.

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