Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 48: Serfs and Peasants (10/28/2011)

Aim: The junior historians of 2017 will be able to create a double-bubble mind map comparing and contrasting serfs and peasants.

2 Quick Question: Take this survey here.

3. Tweet Storm: Tweet out what you think is the most significant event that happened from the start of the Roman Empire to the beginning of feudalism in Europe and why. #ksfb7

Make sure you are replying to and retweeting your favorites.

Bonus Thinking Question:

Imagine that you return home from school today and your parent or guardian gives you a list of all the chores you must complete before dinner. The list is over 10 pages long! You try to get out of doing the work, but it is not possible. As you work, you notice that your parent or guardian is not doing any of this hard work! How do you feel about this experience? Why

Answer this question as a comment in this blog post for extra credit!

4. Make a copy of this reading and this graphic organizer for today's activity. Make sure you have renamed both. We are going to be reading and marking up (annotating) the text. For each paragraph, you have to highlight what you think is the most important information and create one note summarizing the information for yourself. (We might need to finish this on Monday.)

5. We will close our computer and watch CNN Student News.

Looking ahead: Create a tumblr account. We're going to be using tumblr Thursday next week. Your tumblr site should be KIPP, your first name, and last initial. For example, mine would be KIPPJamesS. Feel free to play around with template s and tools. I'll be looking for a few experts to help us out.

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  1. I would fell bad because that is not going to be fair because i'm doing all the work and my parents are not doing nothing.