Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 51: Medieval Lords and Ladies + Tumblr! (11/3/11)

The junior historians of 2017 will be able to accurately define feudalism in medieval Europe and create a post on their Tumblr page helping their teammates understand feudalism.

3. Lords and Ladies: We will have a discussion about the role of Lords and Ladies in feudal society before we add descriptions to your feudal social pyramid.

4: What is Feudalism? We will watch this video then work with the members of our table to come up with a definition of feudalism.

Create a tumblr account. We're going to be using tumblr Thursday next week. Your tumblr URL should be KIPP, your first name, and last initial. For example, mine would be KIPPJamesS. Feel free to play around with template s and tools. I'll be looking for a few experts to help us out.

For our first Tumblr post, we're going to define feudalism. Your post title should be "What is Feudalism?" and the body of the post, where you write what feudalism is, should be 100% your own words.

5. Mr. Sanders will ask you to close your computers so that you can take an exit ticket.

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