Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 52: Life on a Feudal Manor (11/8/11)

Aim: The junior historians of 2017 will be able to choose an activity that will best allow them to demonstrate their knowledge of life in feudal Europe.

2. Tweet Storm: Since its been a while since we've had class, everyone needs to tweet out two facts or ideas on Feudalism. Be sure to use the hash tag #ksfb7 in your tweet. Once you've tweeted, go through and follow any of your classmates that you aren't already following.

4. Student Choice: Choose one of these two options for the rest of your time in class today.
1. Write a three paragraph story from the perspective of a young boy or girl growing up on a feudal manor. He or she can belong to any of the social classes. The setting and events in your story should demonstrate your understanding of life in feudal Europe during the Middle Ages.
2. Create a model of a feudal manor using Google

Draw. Each part of the manor must be clearly labeled. Here is an example of a city in South America that a student created.

Finished Early? Plug in your headphones and check out this great video on Peasant life in medieval Europe. Submit a reflection in the comments of this blog post to a little extra credit.

Tonights: Homework: Read about feudal contracts and complete the learning reflection.

Don't forget you have a test tomorrow on the following topics: 3 field system, feudalism, feudal social pyramid, peasants and serfs, and the role of lords.

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