Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 54: Loyalty or Death (11/14/11)

Aim: The historians of 2017 will create a code to live by using a similar structure to that of the Code of Chivalry in the Middle Ages.

------------Feudal Contracts---------------

Task 2: We're going to watch this video together before we talk about the our lesson for the next two days.

Task 3: Open your notes on Feudalism and be prepared to take notes on the code of Chivalry.

------------Finishing Feudal Manor Projects---------------

Task 4: Complete your story or map of a feudal manor and embed it on your history portfolio. Once you finish posting it to your portfolio, complete this form here so your teammates know that you're done.

Task 5: Visit the portfolio of three or more of your teammates and leave a comment in the comment section of their post. You can see who is finished here. Once you finish commenting on three people's websites, complete this form so I know where to find your comments.

Homework: Write a personal code of chivalry for yourself. You must have 7 or more lines that you want to live your life by. This can be done here or on a separate piece of paper.

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