Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 63: The Roman Catholic Church (11/30/11)

Aim: The historians of 2017 will be able to argue whether or not the rituals or traditions, like the seven sacrements, are important to a society.

Task 1: What would be the advantages and disadvantages of making public schools more like monasteries? Start your post with the the word advantage or disadvantage.

Task 2: Tweet out your response to the following discussion starter. Make sure you use the hashtag to receive credit.

“You are 13 years old, the youngest child of the king of France. One day your father announces that he wants to make an alliance with a powerful noble family. To seal the alliance, he has arranged for you to marry one of his new ally’s children. Your father wants you to be happy and asks you what you think of the idea. You know the alliance will make your father’s rule more secure, but it mean leaving home to marry a stranger. What will you say to your father?”

Task 3: The Seven Sacraments

Use the resources below to complete this reflection:
  1. video
  2. video
  3. website
Task 4: Create a new Tumblr post describing whether or not you think rules/rituals help create a peaceful community. You can add a picture to your Tumblr post. We will have a short discussion before this step so that you know

Exit Ticket: We're going to close all our tabs and take the exit ticket for today's lesson.

Homework: Read this article and complete the learning reflection.

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