Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 69: Current Event Friday (12/9/11)

Aim: The historians of 2017 will be able to choose an important current event and pose an articulate discussion question to their teammates.

(10 minutes)

We will be using the ideas from this discussion to help prepare ourselves for the Crusades lesson on Monday.

Task 2: Choose your favorite response that you want to share with the class. You will share these in a discussion with members at your table and afterwards, you might be called on to share your favorite with the whole class. (2 minutes)

Task 3: We will close our computers and watch an episode of CNN Student News.

Task 4 Tweet Storm: Tweet out your a current event that you think is important and your teammates should know more about. It doesn't have to come from the episode of CNN Student News. (4 minutes)

For example: "I think it is important for us to know more about the soliders remains that were mistreated by our government. #KSFB7"

Task 5: Create a tumblr post telling your teammates about an important current event happening in the world. It would be helpful if you linked to the article so that we can go an read more about the event. Your post should be one paragraph long, no more. :)

Here are some sites you can use to help find articles:

Task 6: If there is extra time, you can check your grades, finish missing work, or do one of the many extension options. Happy Friday :)

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