Friday, December 16, 2011

Day 73 Current Event Friday (12/16/11)

Aim: The historians of 2017 will be able to harness the power of the web to complete a current event reflection and create a tumblr post describing the significance of one major current event from 2011.

Task 1: Of all the different news stories in 2011, which had the greatest impact on your world and why?

Use the web to refresh your memory of the important world events.

Task 2: We will watch an episode of CNN Student News.

Task 3: Take the CNN Student News online quiz. Individually, with a partner, or through the back channel, see if you can answer five or more of the questions on this quiz correctly.

Task 4: Go on a virtual tour of the Newseum and check out the current event games. Complete this reflection after your virtual visit.

My KIPPsters from last year at the Newseum.

Task 5: Create a Tumblr post where you describe one of the important events and adding your opinion.

Here is my example:

(Photo by Jonathan Mak)

This year we lost one of the greatest innovators this world has ever seen. With the death of Steven P. Jobs, we lost the inventor of the Macintosh, iPad, iPod, iPhone and the soon-to-be-released iTV. This event is important because we lost one of the people responsible for changing the way that we interact with the world and one another. Hopefully his life and legacy will inspire the next generation of creators and inventors.

The red part is where I describe the event and the blue is my opinion of the significance.

Homework: Winter Break Packet! :)

I'll be checking our classroom hashtag over the break so if you have something cool you want to share with me, just tweet it out with #ksfb7!

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