Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 82: Current Event Friday at #KSFB7 (1/13/12)

Aim: The historians will discuss and make connection to new stories in today's episode of CNN Student News.

Technology goal: The historians of 2017 will be able to submit their homework by sharing a link to a Google Document through a Google Form. .

Submit Homework: Track Mr. Sanders as he shows you how he wants you to submit your homework. Watch carefully because only those turned in correctly will receive credit.

Task 3: Go to the gradebook and write down your grades for all your classes in your agenda. You need to have a grade written for each class. It must look like the picture below.

Task 4: Check this list here. If your name is highlighted in green, you've submitted your tumblr URL correctly. If you don't see your name, it is isn't highlighted in green, you must submit your tumblr URL here. Track Mr. Sanders as he demonstrates how to do it. Here is a video you can see that also shows you how to do it.

Task 5: We will watch and episode of CNN Student News. Afterwards we will have a discussion of the current events in the show.

Task 7: Complete your Islam vocabulary popplet and embed it in your history postfolio. After you post it to your portfolio, tweet out the link to your post so that we can see your great work!

Homework: Complete a new current event for Tuesday. You will need to have headphones for class on Tuesday!

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  1. Mr. Sanders,

    I am a teacher at Godley High School in Godley, Texas. Have been following your blog to try to teach myself how to teach using google chrome and chrome books (we are about to launch this program in our own school). Love how you have added the "missing work" form on your blog site. Can't figure out how to do it and was wondering if you'd be willing to send me the steps. If not, I understand. Thanks for your time.
    Shannon Petty
    Godley High School