Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 74: History with Sanders in 2012 (1/3/12)

Aim: The junior historians of 2017 will be able to describe how they're
going to be successful in 2012.

Submit Homework: Open your winter break packet so that the illustrating history page is on top. Make sure you're name is written on this page. Next, submit your current event work with this form.

Task 1 Quick Question: Tweet out one hope that you have for the new year. At least one tweet needs to be related to school. You can also tweet out personal goals/hopes as well. Make sure you use the classroom hashtag #KSFB7.

Task 2: We will watch this video together:

Why do you think I showed you that video on Michael Jordan? What messages from that video do think should be meaningful for students?

You will have time to discuss with your partners at your table before completing this form.

Task 3: With the start of a new year and a new quarter, it is a perfect time to reflect on your past successes and failures and set some goals for ourselves.

Create a new tumblr post where you describe one thing that you want to start doing in 2012 and one thing you want to stop doing.

Here is my example

Task 4: Post the URL of your tumblr blog here (watch this video if you need to know how to find the URL).

Next, click here and start following your teammates Tumblr logs so you can see all the great information that they are posting.

Homework: Study for tomorrow's geography quiz.

For the quiz you will have a blank map of Europe and South America and have to fill in the names of the countries.

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  1. I hope I get that classroom job! -Kenneth

  2. Way to be persistent Kenneth! It's a great trait to have.