Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 92: Finishing Qur'an Book Cover Projects (1/31/12)

Standard: 7.2.3 Explain the significance of the Qur’an and the Sunnah as the primary sources of Islamic beliefs, practice, and law, and their influence in Muslims’ daily life.

Aim: The historians of 2017 will analyze and interpret quotes from Islamic leaders and passages from the Qur'an.

2. Tweet out one of the quotes you are using for the left side of your Qur'an book cover project. After the Tweet Storm, we will choose two quotes and have a class discussion about their meaning (without technology).

3. Go to Socrative and type in our room number 21605. After that, wait for directions.

4. You will have 25 minutes to work on your Qur'an book cover projects. At the end of the period you projects should be near-complete.

5. On Thursday we are going to have another test on the counties in Europe and South America. Use this time to review the country names and their locations. Here are the two review activities you should be using to prepare.

This test can replace the old grade you have in the grade book.

Homework: Complete your Qur'an book cover projects.

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