Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 96: Geography of Africa (2/7/2012)

Standard: 7.4.1 Study the Niger River and the relationship of vegetation zones of forest, savannah, and desert to trade in gold, salt, food, and slaves; and the growth of the Ghana and Mali empires

Aim: The historians of 2017 will be able to describe the four major vegetation zones in Africa and analyze their impact on the development on medieval West African societies.

1. Submit Homework

2.Tweet storm: Which physical feature in West Africa do you think people benefitted most from living near or in? Why? (140 characters of less) Make sure you use the hashtag #KSFB7 so the Social Media director will be able to track your tweets.

3. Add the following two locations on your maps of Africa:
A. Empire of Mali
B. Empire of Ghana

Finish your maps. Make sure you have all the information from both today and yesterday's post.

4. Watch this video to help you understand the important parts of the this week's lesson.

5. Create a tumblr post where you describe one of the major vegetation zones in Africa and how it impacted the development of medieval West African culture.

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