Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day 149: The Bushido Code-Part 2 (5/17/2012)

Aim:  The historians of 2017 will be able to analyze the samurai Bushido Code and create a code of conduct for themselves or the school.

1. Homework Quiz: Open our Socrative classroom and wait for Mr. Sanders to start the quiz.

2. Submit your homework from last night.

3. Open this reading from yesterday. Make a copy of it so that you can mark up the text and add comments.  We're going to be going through it and annotating the text to find the important details.


We will use Quizlet to help learn all the different elements of the Bushido Code.
Part 1: Learn it
Part 2: Quiz yourself
Part 3: Multiplayer Game--We'll be playing this together.

5. Using Google Draw, create a code that you would like to live by.  You can create your own from scratch or you can use this template or do something more creative. Challenge, you can only use 2 of the words used in the Bushido code, so you may need to use the thesaurus.

Homework: Read about the role of the arts in Medieval Japan and complete the learning reflection. Tomorrow's HW quiz will also have questions from today's reading in step three.

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