Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 142: Chinese Contributions (5/7/2012)

1. Quick Question: If you were there: "It is the year 1270. You are a rich merchant in a Chinese city of about a million people. The city around you fills your senses. You see people in colorful clothes among beautiful buildings. Glittering objects lure you into busy shops. You hear people talking-discussing business, gossiping, laughing at jokes. You smell delicious food cooking at a restaurant down the street. How do you feel about your city? (You must have two or more complete sentences).

2. We will watch this video in class together.

3. Create a timeline using Google Draw that features the three dynasties we're focusing and four significant technological achievements they were responsible for (~200 C.E. - 13,000 C.E.).

4. Choose one of the contributions you learned about in the lesson today, or one from this list, and do some more investigating on that contribution and create a new Tumblr post where you cover the following: 1) The history behind the achievement/contribution and 2) how did that contribution change the world?

Homework: Read about China's relationships with the outside world during the Tang dynasty and complete the reading reflection.

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