Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 20: The Samurai Code (3/9/11)

Aim: The historians will be able to compare and contrast the role of the samurai in Japanese culture with the modern day solidier.

Homework: Submit your homework.

Task 1: Does our country value people in the military as much as the Japanese valued the samurai? Why or why not?

Task 2: Put the two best Japan test questions you created in Google Moderator. Google will tell you in another question like that has already been created. .

Task 3: Complete the chapter 20 quiz here. No other tab can be open while you take the quiz. You can use your old homework notes to help you.

Task 4: Finish your history presentation and/or storyboard from yesterday.

Task 5: Post your presentation or storyboard to your history portfolio. See the video on how to post an item to your portfolio.

Homework: Study for FSA 8. You can use the website or study guide to study from.

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