Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 19: The Japanese Samurai

Aim: The historians of 2016 will create a presentation or storyboard depicting the life of a Japanese samurai.

Task 1: Open your March Task Tracker

Task 3: Answer the quick question using Google Moderator: ‘If you were there… You are a Japanese warrior, proud of your fighting skills. For many years you’ve been honored by most of society, but you face an awful dilemma. When you became a warrior, you swore to protect and fight for both your lord and your emperor. Now your lord has gone to war against the emperor, and both sides have called for you to join them. How will you decide whom to fight for?’

Task 4: Open and make a copy of the graphic organizer about the Japanese Samurai. Track Mr. Sanders as you take notes on the Samurai culture. If you need to see the presentation later, you can see it here.

Task 5: You have two options for task five today:
  • Option 1: Create a four slide Google Presentation describing the life and culture of the Japanese Samurai. Each slide must have two or more complete sentences and include pictures and/or video (you make work by yourself or in a group of two or three).
  • Option 2: Make a copy of this graphic organizer and create a comic-style story describing a day in the life of a samurai. Your story must contain facts that are historically accurate (you make work by yourself or in a group of two or three).
Go to my YouTube playlist on Medieval Japan for inspiration.

Homework: For homework tonight you will complete the review of Chapter 20 from the workbook. Study for your quiz tomorrow by looking over last week homework pages.

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