Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 18: Women in Medieval Japan (3/3/11)

AIM: The historians of 2016 will be able to articulate the consequences of a policy limiting Japan’s contact with foreigners.

Task 1: Submit your homework

Task 2 Quick Question: How would our lives be different if we had no contact with anyone outside of Los Angeles? Would we have the same forms of entertainment? Would we have the same traditions? Would we have the same routines? Answer the quick question today using Google Moderator.

Task 3: Close your computer half way and track Mr. Sanders as we talk about the role of women in Japan during the Heian period. If you need to see the text I used later, you can click here.

Task 4: Finish your presentation on medieval Social Systems and post it your history portfolio. Click the video here to see how to do it.

Task 5: Finish your geography art print using Deviant Art Muro and post it to your portfolio. If you need to see how to post it, click here.

Homework: Complete the reading on 20.9-20.10 (Architecture and Music) and complete the graphic organize.

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