Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 17: Medieval Japanese Print Art (3/2/11)

Aim: The historians will be able to describe early Japanese print art and its relationship with geography.

Step 1: Submit your homework. Answer the quick question: If you had to draw a picture that represented the United States, what would you draw?

Step 2: Track Mr. Sanders as he takes you on a virtual tour of Japan using Google Earth. If you need to see the presentation later, you can view it here (physical geography, ancient places).

Step 3: Read about women in Medieval Japan and art during the Heian period with Mr. Sanders. Take notes using the graphic organizer (remember to make a copy of the document and rename it to make it your own).

Step 4: Create an art print representing a geographic feature of the Untied States using the same style that the Japanese did during Medieval Times. Click here if you need to see some examples of Japanese art. For this assignment, you can use paper or download an art app in the Chrome Web Store. 'deviantArt muro' is probably the best App for creating this type of work or are. If you need to see how to save your image and post it to your portfolio, click here.

Step 5: Post your art to your portfolio or turn your artwork in to Mr. Sanders. You can have a few extra days if you want to improve your art piece.

Homework: Complete the reading on 20.6-20.7 (Writing and Literature) and fill out the graphic organizer.

Remember to post your presentation you and your teammates created yesterday to your portfolio blog. Here is the video on how to do that.

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