Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 16: The Lord-Vassal System in Medieval Japan (3/1/11)

Aim: The historians of 2016 will summarize and present the social class systems from four or more medieval empires, including the Empire of Japan.

Step one: Submit your homework. Make a copy of the March Task Tracker and rename it with your first name and last initial in the parenthesis.

Step two: Fill out this e-mail form to help set us up for today's activity. Open your e-mail so you are 100% sure you're entering your e-mail address correctly. Go here when you are ready to get your teammates e-mail address to add for the project.

Step three Quick Question: Analyze the picture here and describe what you think life was like for a peasant (rice farmer) living in Japan during the Middle Ages. Write you statements in today's Google Moderator link. Remember, your ideas must be original, Google will tell you if that idea has already been submitted.

Step four: Make a copy of the graphic organizer and add your name to the document title to make them your notes. Open the presentation on the lord-vassal system and track the presentation as we go over life during feudal Japan.

Step five: Create a new Google Presentation titled 'Social Systems of the Medieval World'. Add three or four of your teammates to your presentation. If you need to see their e-mail address, you can click here. Post the project to you history portfolio.

The Assignment: Create a presentation using Google Presentation on four or more different social or political hierarchies during the Middle Ages. You can present the structure of the Catholic Church, the social classes of the Roman Empire, the social system of the Empire of Ghana, the hierarchy on a feudal Manor, and the social system of Medieval Japan. Your presentation must include accurate information and pictures that help present the information. Remember the social pyramids we created in class when studying these.

Exit Ticket: Before you leave you must post the presentation to your history portfolio.

Reminders: Please delete any extra history portfolios you may have on your Blogger account. You can see a video on how to do it by clicking here.

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