Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 15: Roman Contributions (9/2/2011)

Key Points:
1. The type of government in the Roman Empire changed.
2. The Roman Empire lasted for hundreds of years.
3. Creation myths are popular in many cultures.
4. Romulus and Remus are characters in the Roman creation myth.
5. The Roman empire contributed to western culture in many ways.

Objective: The junior historians of 2017 will be able to create a Google document where they identify the Roman contribution and insert the example of where you can find that contribution today.

Task 1: Submit your homework here. If you already submitted it online, you do not have to submit it again.

Task 2 Quick Question: How did you family get to San Francisco (Bay Area)? When and why did they move here? Only share what you are comfortable sharing. :)

Task 4: Track today's episode of CNN Student News.

Task 5 Exit Ticket: For today's exit ticked you need to raise your hand and participate in our current events discussion.

Homework: Read about language and writing and philosophy, law, and citizenship before completing the workbook page. You will have a homework quiz on Tuesday!

Homework Quiz information: Your homework quiz will be on all the reading from the week so you may want to go back and make sure you're ready.

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