Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 16: Class Goals & Roman Contributions (9/6/2011)

Key Points:
1. The Roman Empire lasted for hundreds of years.
2. The Roman empire contributed to western culture in many ways.
3. Arches and domes are Roman architectural contributions.
4. The Roman road system influenced modern highway system.

AIM: The historians of 2017 will be able to create a list of critical pieces of information that is required to perform well on tomorrow's Roman Contribution quiz.

Task 1: Submit your homework. If you already completed the homework online you do not have to submit it again.

Task 2 Quick Question: What are some Roman contributions present in modern Western society?

Task 3: Go to your e-mail and open the e-mail form Collaborize Classroom? Complete the e-mail registration.

Task 4: Track Mr. Sanders as he explains how you will track your master of the learning goals in history this year!

Task 5: Participate in the Quiz 1 study session.

Homework: Study for quiz 1. Tomorrow you will have a quiz on Roman contributions. Study you should use the following resources:

YouTube videos:

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