Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 26: Getting Things Done (9/22/2011)

AIM: The junior historians of 2017 will be able to complete and publish their presentations on the Roman Empire to their history portfolio.

Key Points:
1. The Roman Empire lasted for hundreds of years.
2. The Roman Empire started in Rome and grew into a large empire.
3. The Roman Empire collapsed for more than one
4. There are three major social levels in the Roman Empire.
5. The Roman Empire influenced many cultures in many ways.

Technology Learning Goal: The historians of 2017 will be able to find the url to their history portfolio and share it with Mr. Sanders here.

1. Submit your homework

3. To Do list:
A. Complete your Roman Empire Social pyramid (list of what needs to be on it can be found here).
B. Embed your Roman Empire Social Pyramid on your History Portfolio.
C. Complete your Roman Empire presentation and embed it on your portfolio.
D. Make sure you've turned in your guest teacher packet. That will be going into the grade book this weekend!
4. Track Mr. Sanders as he goes over the tricks and tips to make your presentation amazing. Don't forget to go back to the directions for the assignment to make sure you're not leaving out any of the important parts.

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