Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 67: Your Magna Carta (12/7/11)

Aim: The historians of 2017 will be albe to create a 5-10 question quiz assessing their teammates knowledge of what they've learned so far. This will serve as part of the review for the upcoming benchmark.

Task 1 Do Now: Was your family member willing to sign your Magna Carta? Did they take your rights seriously? Did they think the rights you demanded were appropriate?

Task 2: Make a copy of this document and add in the text from your Magna Carta that you wrote and had your family sign. Post this Magna Carta to your history portfolio.

Task 3 Tweet Storm: Tweet out a quiz question you can ask your teammates about Feudalism, the Dark Ages, the Magna Carta, Rome, or the Byzantine Empire. Make sure you use the hashtag #KSFB7

Task 4: Create a quiz, 5-10 questions, testing your teammates knowledge of everything we've learned up to this point. Your questions can be multiple choice, short answer, or paragraph response. When you finish your question, complete this form so people know you are done.

If you finish early, make sure you completed your storyboard from yesterday.

Homework: Study for tomorrow quiz on Feudalism and the Magna Carta.

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