Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 99: The Salty History of the Empire of Ghana (2/10/2012)

Standard: Study the Niger River and the relationship of vegetation zones of forest, savannah, and desert to trade in gold, salt, food, and slaves; and the growth of the Ghana and Mali empires

Aim: The historians of 2017 will take notes on medieval African civilizations and correctly submit a link to their notes.

2. Review: How did the silent trade in Ghana work? You might need to go back and look at the primary source materials from yesterday.

3. Watch this video:

4. Create a copy of this graphic organizer. You will be using it to take notes on the different empires in West Africa.

Watch the presentation below on West African civilizations and complete your Cornell notes for the "other civilizations" category.

Make sure you add notes for both the Empire of Kush and the Romans presence in North Africa.

Turn in the link to your notes here. Watch this video so you know how to turn in your notes correctly.

5. Go to your Google Reader and read three or more current events. Only one can be about sports or entertainment. The other two need to be about another topic. One of the articles you should read is this one about virtual schools from the CNN student blog.

6. We're going to close our computers and discuss current events and watch CNN Student News together.

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