Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 111: Making Assumptions (3/8/12)

Standard: Students assess the credibility of primary and secondary sources and draw sound con­clusions from them.

AIM: The historians of 2017 will be able to analyze a primary source and categorize the information in the text as observation and assumption.

2. Finish and turn a link to you notes here. Make sure that the link is working. These notes will be a part of tomorrow's progress report.

3. What are assumptions? What's the difference between an assumption and an observation. Use the link for your homeroom. I want three different discussions.
4. We're going to watch this video together:

5. Look at this document and see which slide you have been assigned. Afterwards, listen to the entire video so that you have full context of what the document is about. Then, I want you to summarize the information on your slide and create a COLOR illustration. I will be using these in our class video.

Homework: Choose another section of the primary source and complete another illustration and summary. The entire primary source can be found here. I will also have paper copies available for pickup in my classroom.

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