Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 110 West Africa Primary Sources (3/7/2012)

Standard: 7.4.5. Describe the importance of written and oral traditions in the transmission of African history and culture.

Aim: The historians of 2017 will be able to use their teammates presentations to take Cornell notes on the different aspects of medieval West African cultures.

2. Tweet Storm #KSFB7: Tweet out one thing you learned about West Africa culture from your video project. Make sure you use the hashtag so we can track your tweets.

4. For today's main activity, you're going to be using your teammates videos to take some notes on the different aspects of medieval West African cultural traditions. Use these audio recordings when you're ready to learn about the different aspects of West African culture:

Visual Art

Oral Traditions


If you want to learn more about any of the topics, or are unsure about some of your teammates' information, feel free to go back to the sources they used. I've added links to those below. We will have a quiz on West African traditions on Friday.

Here are the links to your topics and sources:

O--West African Oral and Written Traditions
M--West African Music Traditions
A--West African Visual Arts

5. Create a tumblr post describing the three different West African cultural traditions. You should have one paragraph for each.

For homework tonight, I want you to try to read the first page of this primary source about medieval West Africa and write a one paragraph summary about it. It's a little difficult but we're going to be using it in class tomorrow.


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