Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 114: Benchmark Review Day 2 (3/13/12)

Aim: The historians of 2017 will leverage their classroom time today to best prepare themselves for the history benchmark test.

2. Use your quiz questions to create a quiz using Google Forms and embed that quiz on your history portfolio. If you need help using Google Forms, watch this video. Once you've created your quiz and have embedded it into your history portfolio, complete this form.

If you want to take one of your teammates quizzes. You can go to this list and take one that has been submitted.

3. We will take two review quizes on Socrative. The quizes will cover the Empire of Ghana and the Kingdom of Mali.

Extra! Sports bracket challenge. Enter your morning work tournament picks here. The password you need to use here is boots. The highest three scores, if you beat Mr. Boots, will earn a free breakfast or lunch with Mr. Boots!

Homework: Study for the benchmark:

Use these test questions to review for your benchmark on Thursday. Some of the same questions will be appearing on the benchmark. The first way you can earn music privileges in quarter four is by earning an A on the benchmark test.
The information in these two videos will also be a part of the test. Make sure you re-watch each of them before the benchmark. If you want to help our class YouTube channel, be sure to give the videos a thumbs up!

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