Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 136: MesoAmerica Project (4/24/2012)

This is one of the great art installations I saw when I visited the Tate Modern museum in London. Obviously, this artist was thinking creatively when they designed this. 

For 135 days you've worked hard to complete all the steps for each history lesson.  Now it is time to see what you're capable of without clear steps.

The simple directions are as follows:

Create a product that teaches a fellow 7th grader about one or more of the MesoAmerican Civilizations.  The product must reflect one week of critical thinking and hard work.

We will have a brainstorming discussion in class beforehand.

Due Tuesday (5/1/2012)

Here are some links that the Classroom in the Future Advisory Committee put to together to help you find content:


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