Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 121: The Rise of the Aztec Empire (4/3/2012)

Standard: 7.7.3 Explain how and where each empire arose and how the Aztec and Incan empires were defeated by the Spanish.

Aim:  The historians of 2017 will be able to create a flow chart that accurately depicts the Aztec myth on the founding of Tenochtitlan.

Turn in homework--Reading reflection on the

1. Quick Question: If you were building a city, would you build it next to a mountain, ocean, on an island, or near the desert? Why?

2. Tweet Review: Tweet out one thing that you learned (and remember) about the Mayans.  It is important to remember what you learned about the Mayans because we will be doing a compare/contrast later on in the week. Make sure you use the #KSFB7 hashtag so that we can track your information.

3. Watch today's segment of Aztec's the hidden empire.  Remember, you will want to load the video before you start watching. You should be working on other tasks while the video is loading!

(If you missed yesterday's segment, or want to go back to it, you can click here)

For you video reflection, describe what you learned in the video in today's learning reflection in your Weekly Success tracker.

4.  Read about the Aztec creation myth here.  After you have read and understood the myth, create a flow chart with pictures and text, retelling the story of how the Aztecs believed the empire got started.  Once you finish your flow chart, post it to your history portfolio.

5.  Share your weekly success tracker with Mr. Sanders.  If you forgot how to correctly share a document, you can watch this video here for help.

Homework: Read about the Aztecs in the Valley of Mexico and complete the reading reflection.

When you finish:

Please e-mail me if you have any questions.

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